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NFL Picks, Week 17: Denver Broncos Chosen To Beat Kansas City Chiefs By Pete Prisco

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is one of the four CBS writers who believe that the Denver Broncos will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday at Mile High, giving the AFC West division title to the Denver Broncos in John Fox’s first year on the job. That said, he does believe it will be a very close game with a final score of 21 to 20.

Prisco writes, “Can Tim Tebow do what seemed unthinkable two months ago and get this team to the playoffs? Or is Kyle Orton going to ruin things for his former team? The Chiefs have played well under Romeo Crennel and they have a solid defense. Tebow has lost two consecutive games, and hasn’t played well lately. Nor has the Denver defense. This will be tight, but the Broncos will find a way.”

It would be an amazing turnaround for the Broncos who held the second overall selection in the NFL Draft last April to win the division, especially even after making a quarterback switch and suffering some injuries. While the Broncos are definitely a flawed team, they can certainly be proud of what they have accomplished.