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NFL Week 17 Picks: Kyle Orton Could Come Back To Haunt Denver Broncos Against Chiefs

The Denver Broncos are currently favored to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in the final game of the NFL regular season. For the Broncos, they need to win to secure their own destiny into the playoffs. For the Chiefs, they’re playing for pride and the chance to keep Romeo Crennel as their head coach. When picking their weekly choices against the spread, Walter Football believes the Chiefs will beat the odds and come up big in the final week of the season.

This is yet another choking situation where a favorite has to win. The Broncos are a fairly young team that hasn’t been in the playoffs since battling the Steelers in the AFC Championship back in January 2006, so they’re not used to this sort of pressure.

In addition to the gag threat, I’d be worried about Orton if I were a Denver fan. Not because of Orton’s throwing ability, but because he knows all of Denver’s dirty little secrets, including the audibles. I have no idea why the Broncos cut him. That decision could really come back to haunt them Sunday afternoon. Tebow might find some way to win, as he usually does, but I’m taking the points for a moderately sized wager.