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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook Get Into Argument During Thunder-Grizzlies Game

While everything seems like it’s all well and good with Oklahoma City basketball this season given the 3-0 start for the Thunder including victory over teams like the Magic and Grizzlies, there was some tension boiling on the bench last night between the team’s star players: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Nearing the end of the second quarter, Westbrook was upset with guard Thabo Sefolosha after he passed up an open look from three-point range. After coming back to the bench still upset, Sefolosha and others tried to call him down to no avail. A while later, Durant said something to him as well and Westbrook apparently didn’t like it, bringing things to a boil as the two began shouting at each other on the bench.

The two seemed settled after the game and Durant said as much in his post-game comments.

“We’re going to disagree sometimes, like I’ve always been saying,” Durant said. “But I’m behind him 110 percent, and he’s the same way with me. And you seen when we came on the floor we clicked and everything started to work from there.”

The Thunder won’t have much time at all to let it settle since they play the defending world champion Dallas Mavericks tonight.