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Kevin Durant Wanted Shane Battier To Pick Thunder Over Miami Heat

In the frenzied NBA off-season that moved several months of rumors and player transactions into a few short weeks, teams and players were trying their best to give their input and sway into where a particular free agent, like Shane Battier, would go. In the former Duke star’s case, Kevin Durant believed he would be the perfect addition for the Thunder franchise. Unfortunately, he chose yet another top contender with the Miami Heat.

"I was dead serious," Durant told the Oklahoman, who used Twitter in late November to attempt to recruit Battier. "I wanted him since last year, after we beat them in the playoffs. I was telling a few of the guys, ‘Shane would be a good fit here for us.’ He was a guy I was looking forward to playing with, but Miami jumped in and took him.

"Let’s be real," Durant continued. "Guys like LeBron (James) and D-Wade and (Chris) Bosh, they’re lobbying for you as well. And it was me and Nazr Mohammed and Nick Collison lobbying for him. And you look at the names there, you look at Miami, the weather and just that whole aura around those guys and of course he’s going to pick them. But it’s a decision that he made for him and his family. You can’t really be upset about it."