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SEC Football Schedule: Missouri Projects To Have Same Record In 2012

SB Nation’s Bill Connelly has another great article up analyzing the full SEC schedule for 2012. Using current projections, Connelly takes a look at how Missouri would fare against the schedule they’re given against the Big 12 this season, and it’s interesting to note that he has them coming out the exact same way they did this season.

He writes, “Meanwhile, even if Missouri loses to Arizona State, they finish with the same overall record thanks to the addition of an extra cupcake opponent. And yes, South Carolina is done no favors here, even if they don’t suffer as much as others.”

The entire article is worth checking out, but it’s clear that he believes that Vanderbilt is going to come out well in the new SEC if James Franklin’s team is for real. Auburn, on the other hand, is the team that hurts the most with the new arrangements of schedule and home/road match-ups. If anything, the introduction of Missouri football into the world of the SEC is going to be interesting to watch from day one.