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Oklahoma State Vs. Oklahoma: Brandon Weeden Must Avoid Sooners' Pass Rush

The Oklahoma Sooners have dealt with a rash of injuries this season. Certainly the loss of Ryan Broyles was the biggest loss for the team this year -- or at least the highest-profile. However, the loss of Ronnell Lewis has to be up there, and that's what ESPN's David Ubben is referring to when he writes that the Oklahoma pass rush must make up for the loss of Lewis for this game and find another strong defensive effort without him.

Ubben writes, "The Sooners won't have one of the league's best, Ronnell Lewis. They will, however, have the league's best, Frank Alexander. OU needs to get as much push as possible with its front four. Brandon Weeden's smart. If Oklahoma starts needing to bring a lot of guys to get in his face, big plays will follow. Alexander and Lewis' replacement(s), David King and R.J. Washington, can do it. Will they?"

On the season, Lewis has 5.5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss.