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NFL Predictions: Chicago Bears Picks Over Kansas City Chiefs By Albert Breer

If a team is only as good as its quarterback, then the match-up on Sunday should prove to be a miserable one with the Kansas City Chiefs squaring off in Chicago against the Bears. Instead of Matt Cassel versus Jay Cutler, the Chiefs aren’t even saying who they are starting (or playing most) between Tyler Palko and Kyle Orton and the Bears are counting on Caleb Hanie. Not exactly a set of household names.

Albert Breer over at
believes the Chicago situation is a bit clearer that the team’s defensive talent will win out. “Call me crazy, but I think Caleb Hanie will showed marked improvement this week. And the Bears defense, against the Chiefs’ more muddled QB situation, will do the rest,” he writes. He also predicts the Bears to win 20 to 10 in a game that could likely end up 6-3 with the quarterbacks playing as they are.

If Orton starts and/or gets the most time for the Chiefs, then he instantly becomes the best player on the field at his position and that could make a significant difference. Then again, it’s hard to find anyone who likes the Chiefs week to week with their current record of 4-7.