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Kansas Vs. South Florida: Bulls Have To 'Hope For A Miracle' To Defeat Jayhawks

The South Florida Bulls are 5-3 and hoping for a miracle, according to Ken DeCelles of Voodoo Five, SB Nation’s South Florida blog. While the Bulls have a winning record, even South Florida fans have to concede that the talent differential between the two teams should be too much to handle. After all, KU just beat Florida Atlantic by more than 20 on an off night.

DeCelles writes, “Its going to be hard for USF to pull off the upset. If there is one thing that has me optimistic, is how quickly the Kansas bigs get into foul trouble. All of their posts average 3 fouls a game, and Withey and Wesley each almost give up four fouls a game. Even with that in mind, I just don’t think USF is going to pull it out.”

The Jayhawks are currently 4-2 and ranked No. 14 in the Associated Press Top 25. Their lone losses are to Duke and Kentucky.