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Oklahoma State Vs. Oklahoma: Bob Stoops Believes Sooners Are Big 12 Champs With Win

There’s no question in Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops’ mind as to who is the winner of the Big 12: the winner of today’s game between the Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Stoops told the USA Today that the Cowboys obviously win if they do, but that the Sooners deserve the honor if they win, despite the presence of Kansas State.

“What happened to the one true champion that was promoted when I was down there for Big 12 media day? Isn’t that what everyone talked about?” said Stoops to the USA Today. “That means if they [Oklahoma State] win, they are the champions. If we win, we are since we would have beaten K-State and them. It’s pretty simple math to me.”

State coach Mike Gundy agreed, ""I’ve said this for the last few years and I said it in August and throughout the season that in order for us to win a Big 12 Championship, we have to go through Austin and Norman; and I don’t think that changes until a team accomplishes that goal," said Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy on Monday."