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Oklahoma State Exhibits 'Complete Domination' Over Oklahoma In First Half Of Big 12 Championship

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are up 24-3 over the Oklahoma Sooners and it’s clear this game isn’t even close. The Sooners have been outplayed in every aspect and have even given up completely on their running game after trying 10 times for 6 rushing yards. The end result is an astounding 38 passing attempts from OU quarterback Landry Jones and a beatdown in a major game with BCS implications for the Cowboys of Oklahoma State

ESPN’s Big 12 blogger David Ubben says that OSU needs to keep beating OU as much as possible for the chance to play in the national title game. Luckily it’s what they’ve been doing all night.

Ubben writes, “Complete domination by Oklahoma State to this point, even more complete than anyone probably could have expected. A mental block against the Sooners, who have won eight consecutive Bedlams? I think not. OSU is on point. The Cowboys are a better team than Oklahoma, but not this much better. The Cowboys are out to prove something to … pretty much everyone.”