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Oklahoma State Continues To Crush Oklahoma With 41-3 Lead In Third Quarter

The latest strike was a 37 yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Smith. That put the Oklahoma State Cowboys up 41-3 over the Oklahoma Sooners with over five minutes to go in the third quarter. And yes, if that sounds a bit obnoxious and over the top, you’d be correct. It’s clear, however, that OSU understands exactly what they must do if they are going to convince the powers-that-be in the BCS that they deserve a shot at the National Title.

Merely beating the Sooners at this point will likely leave them in the same place, which is why after already being up 24-3 at halftime, the Cowboys continue to pour it on the Sooners. A Landry Jones sack and fumble led to one touchdown. Quinn Sharp hit yet another field goal. Then came Smith’s second touchdown of the night. One after another, Oklahoma State continues to win the battle on both sides of the ball.

At this point, the Sooners have four turnovers and it should only go downhill from here. If the Cowboys really know what’s at stake this domination should and will continue until the clock runs out.