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NFL Picks, Week 17: Peter King Predicts Tim Tebow Miracle Over Chiefs

Peter King has come out with his predictions for week 17 in the NFL on Sunday and the news isn't good for Kansas City Chiefs fans hoping the team ends on a positive note. Instead, he predicts the Broncos will end up winning their final game and sealing their own positive fate with a playoff berth and unexpected AFC West title. Specifically he believe that Tebow will pull another last minute miracle and lead the Broncos to a 31-24 victory.

King writes, "The Broncos do something Tebow-riffic to win at the end. After the game, I can just hear it. Some wise guy asks Tim Tebow, "Tim, do you have any comments about the provocative and nasty and idiotic tweet Bill Maher had about you and the devil the other day?" He'll smile and say, while moving away from the podium to leave, "I heard about that. Mr. Maher is a terrific comedian. He's got some strong opinions. God bless him, and all of you -- have a blessed day!'"