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Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Tim Tebow And Kyle Orton Make Las Vegas Uncertain About Outcome

The AFC West is a mess for everyone. Not only are the teams involved less than impressive with two 8-7 teams, one 7-8 and the last place Kansas City Chiefs at 6-9, but even sports bettors are wondering just what to expect on Sunday from a division that hasn't followed any discernible pattern all season long. The Chiefs themselves went hot and cold all season, even beating the best team in football at one point only to fall back to last place. The Broncos were out of it until Tim Tebow resurrected playoff hopes only to be trounced by the Bills. But beyond the standings, ESPN's Dave Tuley says Vegas doesn't know how to respond either.

Tuley writes, "The AFC West is still up in the air with the Denver Broncos controlling their own destiny and the Oakland Raiders hoping to make up their one-game deficit (or sneak in as a wild card if the Bengals and Jets stumble). The Chargers were minus-3 against the Raiders on the advance line last week, but with their elimination and the Raiders' added motivation, that line has swung to the Raiders minus-3. The Broncos were minus-4 versus the Chiefs in advance wagering, but that has come down to minus-3.5 and even minus-3 at some books. The Broncos need the game, but there are a lot of people buying (literally) into the theory that Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton would love to knock his former team out of the playoffs."