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Chiefs Kelly Gregg Included Among 'NFL's Widest Necks' List

Kelly Gregg was brought over for the Baltimore Ravens this off-season to anchor the middle of the defense with his incredible experience with the Ravens as well as his ability and size. It’s also that size that’s placed him on a rather dubious list over at Slate: the NFL’s Widest Necks. Will Oremus put together the list that also includes Takeo Spikes and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Oremus writes, “Gregg, who inherited Baltimore’s starting nose-tackle job from fellow giant Tony Siragusa before moving to Kansas City this year, has a neck so large it is hard to tell where it ends and his face begins.” Whether this will be another accolade for Gregg to add to a very strong career in the NFL remains to be seen, but at the very least it has to be among the strangest achievements for Gregg to date.