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Kyle Orton Thinking About NFL Business And Financial Business

Kyle Orton is saying all the right things with the Kansas City Chiefs this week about having a proper focus on the field, but it’s also clear that Orton is worried about some financial interests off the field with word that he’s suing a group of lawyers in Chicago concerning bad investment advice.

The Denver Post notes, “Attorneys for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton have filed a lawsuit claiming bad advice from his former lawyers cost him and and others millions of dollars related to energy investments. The 14-page lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court this week names the Chicago-based law firm Chuhak & Tecson as a defendant. A message seeking comment from the firm on Friday wasn’t immediately returned.”

Here’s hoping that Orton is able to work things out on his own, but more importantly for the team that it’s not a distraction at all for him when it comes to the game in front of him. Given that the Chiefs have a reported interest in bringing him back next season to compete with Matt Cassel, it’s clear that this game can go a long way to understand better what Orton brings to the table.