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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Tim Tebow Faces 'First Playoff Game' In NFL's Week 17 Against Kansas City

If you ask Peter King, the Denver Broncos are already in the playoffs — or at least a playoff like atmosphere. They’re playing in the final week of the season against a hated division rival led by the quarterback they dumped mid-season. Sounds pretty dramatic to me. On the line is a division title in year one of John Fox’s head coaching tenure, and Tim Tebow, the most polarizing athlete in the NFL, is calling the shots. Welcome to Broncos-Chiefs.

King writes, “Denver’s playing Sunday for a playoff spot, and the chance to host Pittsburgh or Baltimore (I’m guessing) on the Saturday night NBC Wild Card game. The Chiefs, are playing to make sure GM Scott Pioli hires Romeo Crennel as the full-time coach. Lots of motivation on both sides.”

The motivation is definitely going to turn the game into an emotional one with players on both sides wanting to end the season well (or keep the season going). For the Chiefs, the players are passionate about playing for Romeo Crennel, and a statement on the road at Denver who lead the division would be another major statement after already beating the Green Bay Packers.