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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Kyle Orton Has Plenty Of Motivation In Start Against Denver

Tim Tebow has enough drama surrounding him 24/7 with so much media attention around him that Sunday's going to feel like a pot boiling over. That's because the quarterback he faces on Sunday will be Kyle Orton, the starter he used to play behind before Denver dropped him several weeks into the season. Now the starter for the visiting Kansas City Chiefs, Orton has a significant motivator when facing his former team, something Jeff Darlington writes about this week.

Darlington writes, "So now Orton returns, with the proverbial chip on his shoulder, in one of the juiciest regular-season storylines since Brett Favre first revisited the Packers as the Vikings' quarterback. This is an opportunity for Orton to put a massive, final dent in the Broncos' playoff aspirations. No doubt, he wants it.

"He probably wants it for many reasons, too. Not simply because of the perceived lack of respect Tebow (then a backup) showed for the team's starter when a fan base was pummeling Orton with criticism. Orton also becomes a free agent after this season, and coupled with a win against the Packers, this could at least begin to repair the damage that his early-season woes produced."

If Orton sticks in Kansas City, he has a solid chance to win the starting quarterback job even if Matt Cassel comes back successfully from surgery and/or sticks on the roster. A win on Sunday would go a long way toward bolstering that resume.