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NFL Picks, Week 13: Every ESPN Writer Picks Bears Over Chiefs

It is the third week in a row that the Kansas City Chiefs haven't received a single vote of confidence for a win against their opponent. This time that opponent is the Chicago Bears. This afternoon, the Chiefs will get another chance to prove the naysayers wrong, but history hasn't been on their side considering that they've lost to both the Patriots and the Steelers in primetime in consecutive weeks. Perhaps that can change against a back-up quarterback, however.

For the first time in a few weeks, the Chiefs do not have the worst quarterback on the field. Tyler Palko will play and might even start given Todd Haley's obsession for his back-up QB, but it's also clear that the team is paying big money for just a few weeks to rent Kyle Orton after claiming him from the Broncos. That means they have a chance against the Bears who are playing Caleb Hanie. Still that doesn't convince the voters at ESPN, all of whom have chosen the Bears this week.