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NFL Predictions: WSJ Says Take Points In Chiefs Against Bears

The quarterbacks fail to impress the writers over at the Wall Street Journal this week, which means only one thing really matters -- take the points. In this instance, the Bears are 7 point favorites over the Chiefs, which means that Kansas City actually has a bit of support in this game, at least not to lose by that much. Geoff Foster writes:

This game is being widely anticipated as the epic showdown of Hanie and Palko. Surely that matchup will go down alongside Terry Bradshaw vs. Roger Staubach, Hans Gruber vs. John McClane, and Uncle Jesse vs. Kimmy Gibbler as one of history’s most endearing rivalries. But a closer look at the numbers shows that neither one of these backup quarterbacks is terribly good at throwing footballs. Last week, Hanie-Palko combined for six interceptions and a quarterback rating of 48.9. Palko, in particular, has looked reckless with the ball, so don’t be surprised if Dave Grohl lookalike Kyle Orton comes in at halftime to seek revenge on his old team. Still, this will likely be a sloppy, mistake-filled affair, so one may as well take the points. Either way, Jay Cutler and Matt Cassel will be eating nachos in a blimp circling the stadium.