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AP Top 25: Kansas State Lands At No. 11 In College Football Rankings

The latest AP Top 25 poll is out and the Kansas State Wildcats are somehow still on the outside looking in to the top 10. Other BCS Projections have them climbing perhaps as high as No. 8 yet in the actual poll voting, the team still has yet to earn the nationwide respect that they deserve after earning a 10-win season amid the tough Big 12 conference play this season. Their win against Iowa State on Saturday cemented their incredible season and should put Bill Snyder front and center in any coaching awards at year's end.

Here's the full AP Poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma State

4 Stanford


6 Oregon

7 Arkansas

8 Boise State

9 Wisconsin

10 South Carolina

11 Kansas State

12 Michigan State

13 Michigan

14 Clemson

15 Baylor

16 TCU

17 Virginia Tech

18 Georgia

19 Oklahoma

20 Houston

21 Nebraska

22 So. Miss

23 West Virginia

24 Penn State

25 Florida State