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NFL Expected To Add $3 Billion In Yearly Revenue From Major Networks

The NFL brand didn't lose a single thing in the lockout. In fact, with the close division races, the dominance of the Green Bay Packers and the buzz on Andrew Luck, it seems things will only get better for the NFL. Better also means richer. Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal is reporting this morning that the NFL is expecting 60 percent hikes on revenue from renewed television deals from NBC, CBS and FOX by year's end. That means each network will increase their payment to NFL by $1 billion -- making a $3 billion hike total.

This is the sort of expected monetary increase that the players were fighting over and why keeping things fair was so vital during the lockout. The new TV deals will be over 8 years, so that means $24 billion in new money will be coming into the league -- and yet former players the league was built on received only a few hundred bucks a month in their pension. It puts things in perspective for sure and shows just how big the NFL has gotten to this point.