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BCS Rankings: Boise State's Chris Petersen Says 'Why Are We Even Voting?'

Chris Petersen asks a good question. It’s something that every college football fan has to be asking if they don’t root for either LSU or Alabama on the day after the final BCS rankings.

The Boise State head football coach wants to know, “Right now everybody’s going ‘nothing makes any sense.’ Six, seven, eight, nine, why are we even voting if they’re left our of games like that?”

Boise State is among a few schools left out in the BCS cold, without the reputation and prestige and, well, money that comes with an invite to one of the major four BCS games. Kansas State is yet another. It’s asking a girl to the prom only to dance with everyone else. In any situation like that, the question is naturally what Petersen wants to know: why bother?

Boise State is No. 7 in the current BCS rankings. They’re No. 6 in the USA Today/Coaches Poll. They finished the season 11-1 and yet they’re going to be playing in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas against a team that’s 6-6 in Arizona State. Yes, the No. 6 team in the country earned a chance to play a team that fired its coach.

Petersen is keeping his head up about the whole thing saying, ""It’s not a good deal to go into a bowl game where there’s not a lot of energy and excitement. Wherever we go, these seniors deserve a really fun atmosphere in truly their last game as a Bronco."

Yet it’s also clear the system is beyond broken. It ends up rewarding the rich and connected for things they didn’t do while telling those who’ve rightfully earned a spot that the whole season really didn’t matter in the end. The BCS needs to be reworked if not destroyed and it starts by asking the right questions.