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Heisman Trophy Candidates: Andrew Luck Must Be Favored Over Robert Griffin III

The Heisman Trophy field has been narrowed down to five, and those lucky few ill head to the ceremony on Monday, December 12 to receive their prize. But one candidate stands out from the rest for a win already under his belt: Andrew Luck, who already was announced as the winner of the Johnny Unitas Award earlier today for the nation’s best quarterback.

With Robert Griffin III already in the field, that places Luck at least above Griffin, although that’s not exactly fair either. You also cannot measure running backs Montee Ball and Trent Richardson only based on stats, considering Ball has far more touchdowns (32 to 20). Tyrann Mathieu has to be a later addition and it’s surprising to see a defensive player involved here.

Still, Luck has the brand recognition, a name that’s likely to go No. 1 in the upcoming NFL Draft. He has turned Stanford into a national contender in college football and is recognizable coast to coast. Griffin’s numbers are certainly impressive and yet his team isn’t popular or good enough to warrant a Heisman win. While that might not be fair, it’s clear that college football is all about the brand and the money involved. A Heisman winner known all over the country is more likely than a Baylor quarterback taking the trophy.