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Heisman Trophy Candidates: Tyrann Mathieu Deserves Serious Consideration For LSU

If we are judging on the proper criteria, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu would likely walk away with the Heisman Trophy, no questions asked. While other players at the quarterback and running back position put up sexier numbers that people easily comprehend, it’s impossible to deny the incredible defensive impact put up by the best college defensive back in the country.

“There is no questioning Mathieu’s impact on the field: team-leading 70 tackles, 6 forced fumbles and 5 fumble recoveries, two of which he returned for six points,” says Rotoworld. “The sophomore has a 16.1 average on punt returns with two TDs, including one in the first half Saturday against Georgia. Another sparkling PR against the Bulldogs did not go for a score, but was no less critical. The argument against his consideration is the not-so-small-detail of a failed drug test.”

If the best player on the best team in the country is available for the award, then that has to count for something. And anyone who observed the recent Georgia must know just how much he can change the direction of a game. Mathieu certainly deserves serious consideration.