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2012 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Currently Hold No. 12 Selection In First Round

If the season were to end today, the Chiefs 5-7 record would be good for the No. 12 pick overall in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft held next April. It’s that odd no man’s land that’s actually the worst place a team can be where it seems you’re not close enough to elite level talent for next season but yet it’s also clear that your fan base endured a miserable season. In short, it would help if the Chiefs won the next four games and made the season count for something.

If not, the Chiefs might wish they were much lower in the draft order at the end of the day. By the No. 12 slot, top shelf quarterbacks like Matt Barkley, Robert Griffin III and certainly Andrew Luck might be gone and Landry Jones stock has taken a hit after his miserable performance against the Oklahoma State Cowboys this last weekend. If the Chiefs didn’t want a quarterback, then they’d still be in prime position at No. 12 to take a nice offensive tackle, defensive end or middle linebacker.