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Landing Kansas State And Arkansas Places Cotton Bowl Among 'Winners'

The Kansas State WIldcats can definitely be termed "losers" by anyone surveying the Bowl Season field. They finished among the top teams in the BCS Standings and yet they find themselves left out of the major BCS Bowls. But ESPN's Alex McGee says that makes the Cotton Bowl one of the biggest "winners" since they're receiving a very impressive K-State team along with the Arkansas Razorbacks in their match-up -- making it as good as nearly any of the BCS bowl games.

"I have long maintained that the Cotton Bowl looks, feels and should indeed be a BCS bowl," writes McGee. "No one provides a bigger prime-time stage, no one has a nicer facility, and no one does a better job of piecing together great matchups. This year, the Jerry Dome will host the Kansas State Wildcats, who were jobbed out of a Sugar Bowl berth, and the Arkansas Razorbacks, whose only two losses came to the top two teams in the land."