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Detroit Tigers Pushing For Octavio Dotel To Round Out Bullpen

The members of the AL Central are making moves to round out their bullpens all over, and the Detroit Tigers are the latest according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports who says that the Tigers are after Octavio Dotel in an “aggressive” way.

It’s hard to believe Dotel is 38 and has been around the major leagues since the late ‘90s with the season he had just last year. The right-hander went 3-3 with a 3.28 ERA and walked only five batters in 24.2 innings. It’s a smaller sample of work, but his WHIP of 0.851 was his best in several years and shows he can still be very effective out of the pen.

The rest of the division has also been active in shaping up their bullpens lately with the Minnesota Twins signing Matt Capps to be their closer after losing Joe Nathan to the Texas Rangers. The Kansas City Royals also signed Jonathan Broxton to set up closer Joakim Soria.