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Mark Richt To Texas A&M Makes Sense Only For Extension From Georgia

As we follow the latest college football coaching rumors, one of the biggest ones (and thus, hardest to believe) comes from Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle who writes, "Finally got confirmation the Mark Richt talk is legitimate. Should A&M hire him, Bama DC Kirby Smart likely would head home to Georgia." What he's referring to is the rumor that Georgia head coach Mark Richt might be heading to take the same position with the Texas A&M Aggies. What's odd is that he's giving it any attention at all.

While some hires have surprised, nothing has been this out of the blue. The bottom line is that Richt has all of the leverage right now, having worked Georgia back into the national picture and created a young, dynamic SEC power ready to capitalize perhaps as soon as next year on his talent and experience gained in 2011. It wouldn't surprise at all to see Georgia in the national title picture next year.

That said, he's up for an extension and this is the way to get it. After all, a way to get your significant other to stop doing something is to threaten to leave. To get a raise, you can go work for a rival company. The same thing happens here -- except we all clamor over rumors on Twitter like they're absolute truth.

The reality is that Texas A&M is getting played here if they think Richt is really interested at all. And if he is, then the situation at Georgia isn't so peachy after all.