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Predicting The Big 12: Texas Longhorns' Schedule More Favorable Than Kansas Jayhawks

The Texas Longhorns and Kansas Jayhawks are pulling away from the pack in the latest Big 12 standings as each team is at least 1.5 games ahead of the next closest. Texas is a perfect 7-0 in the conference and 19-3 overall while Kansas is 20-1 overall and 5-1 in the conference. 

Trying to predict how this thing will turn out is nearly impossible with the fluid nature of college basketball but I'm going to cautiously say Texas should win the Big 12. I'm not saying they will because there will probably be a surprising or unexpected loss along the way changing the scope of the conference standings but their schedule, on paper, is pretty nice.

Texas plays no more ranked opponents along the way. They play Baylor twice -- home and away -- which won't be easy. They also host Kansas State, who's among NCAA's biggest disappointment. They also travel to Colorado. After those, Texas' schedule isn't too hard on paper. Of coure, running the table is easier said than done.

Kansas plays two more ranked opponents -- Missouri (twice) and Texas A&M. They also travel to Kansas State. Kansas' schedule is a little more difficult and it's hard to see them running the table with two games against Missouri and ending the season back-to-back against Texas A&M and Missouri. 

Texas' schedule is more favorable and you have to understand where they're coming from to appreciate them. In 12 days, they beat Texas A&M (ranked No. 10 at the time), at Kansas (ranked No. 2 at the time), at Oklahoma State, Missouri (ranked No. 13 at the time) and at Texas A&M (ranked No. 16 at the time). If you go through that stretch, and come out unscathed, it's hard not to pick you to win the Big 12.

Things will change along way the and there will be an upset loss someplace but right now it's hard to see Texas not coming out in the Big 12.