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Missouri Tigers Pro Day Will Be On March 17th

The Missouri Tigers will host a pro day on March 17th to showcase a few of their athletes for the 2011 NFL draft. Mizzou football should be an exciting topic during this year's draft as it appears two players will go in the first round and one as high as the top three. 

First is QB Blaine Gabbert who is expected to be one of the top two quarterbacks taken along with QB Cam Newton. Gabbert will be especially popular at the pro day because it's the first time we'll see him throw since the season ended. Gabbert is not throwing at the NFL Combine in February so his first big throwing session will be at the March 17th pro day.

Second is DE Aldon Smith who also figures to be popular on March 17th. He's been projected to go in the top half of the draft and there will be some teams figuring out who versatile and athletic he is if they're thinking of moving him to outside linebacker.

Among other draft hopefuls are CB Kevin Rutland and C Tim Barnes. I imagine some folks will want to see Barnes because he has the potential to be a solid center prospect and will not be at the NFL Combine.

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