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Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball Talking Bubble Watch?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are usually associated with football but after last week's victory over the Texas Longhorns, there's some basketball talk going on in Lincoln. Huskers basketball has won three in a row and sit at 18-8 on the season and 6-6 in the Big 12 before Wednesday's night matchup with Kansas State

SB Nation's Corn Nation writes that there's some bubble talk sprouting up in Lincoln but they're not ready to talk about it yet.

Nebraska, currently riding a two game win streak, will need to regroup and put all the happy feelings aside. The media and others, (myself included) are all starting to talk about bubbles. I didn't really want to talk about bubbles just yet.    

Nebraska has four games remaining. One, Iowa State, should be a victory. The others aren't so easy -- Kansas State and Missouri at home and on the road to Colorado. As we learned last weekend, Nebraska's tough at home so that's an interesting schedule for a team that may or may not be on the bubble.