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Kansas State Heads To Texas For Important Big 12 Matchup

The Kansas State Wildcats have won six of their last seven games including one over then-No. 1 Kansas, and most recently against No. 20 Mizzou. They're playing well and that includes Jacob Pullen who has put up 38, 27, 27 and 24 points in his last four games.

So K-State is hot, we know that. They're headed to Texas to play the Longhorns on Monday night at 8:00 p.m. in a game that has some serious Big 12 implications.

First, both Texas and Kansas are tied atop the Big 12 standings at 12-2 right now. A Kansas State victory means Kansas takes the leader board in the Big 12. Kansas still has to face Texas A&M and Mizzou to finish the season but that would allow them to control their own Big 12 destiny.

Second, Kansas State is tied with Missouri for fourth place in the Big 12 and one game behind Texas A&M for third place. After the way K-State started, and how we thought they may not make the NCAA tournament, they could potentially end up in third in the BIg 12 behind Texas and Kansas. More things would have to happen -- like Texas A&M and Mizzou losing -- but it's possible. Weird to think about now after where the Wildcats stood in January.

Third, K-State could earn a first round bye in the Big 12 tournament if they can end up in third place so this game potentially has important Big 12 conference tournament implications as well.

Kansas State is the underdog here so Texas is expected to win but K-State has shown us lately that it won't be that easy for Texas.

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