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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Ohio State, Kansas Again; Missouri Falls To No. 19

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The Ohio State Buckeyes remain the No. 1 team in the country according to the latest NCAA basketball rankings. Ohio State was the unanimous No. 1 followed by the Kansas Jayhawks who hold the second spot once again. Texas comes in at No. 3 followed by Pittsburgh and Duke.

San Diego State is sixth followed by BYU, Notre Dame, Villanova and Connecticut. The Missouri Tigers drop to No. 19 after consecutive losses while Texas A&M is the final Big 12 in the AP top 25

Kansas will be tested on Monday night when they host the Missouri Tigers in Lawrence. That game will be a good test for KU basketball as they start to enter the home stretch of conference play. Likewise, it'll be an excellent test for Missouri who slipped up last week with a pair of losses.

We've got about a month remaining in the regular season and Kansas has just one loss and remains at No. 2. As expected, KU is looking very strong entering the home stretch. 

Here's the full top 25:


  1. Ohio State (65)
  2. Kansas
  3. Texas
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Duke
  6. San Diego State
  7. BYU
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Villanova
  10. Connecticut
  11. Georgetown
  12. Syracuse
  13. Wisconsin
  14. Purdue
  15. Arizona
  16. Louisville
  17. Florida
  18. Kentucky
  19. Missouri
  20. North Carolina
  21. Utah State
  22. Texas A&M
  23. Vanderbilt
  24. Temple
  25. West Virginia