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VIDEO: Kemba Walker's Shot In Pittsburgh-UConn Is Best Game-Winner Yet

Connecticut's Kemba Walker has delivered the best game-winning shot of the conference tournament so far. With just a no time remaining, Walker took the ball against the BIg East tournament's top seed Pittsburgh and delivered a shot that gave UConn a 76-74 victory.

Walker took the ball with about six seconds remaining at the top of the key as the two teams sat tied at 74 and UConn called for a screen causing the Pittsburgh defenders to switch giving Walker the matchup he wanted.

Walker faked a drive twice and stepped back drilling a shot just inside the three-point line at the top of the key. Game over. 

Walker played all 40 minutes and shot 8-of-22 from the field scoring 24 points. Connecticut knocks down the top seed and moves on in the Big East tournament. 

Here's the full video (H/T @bubbaprog)