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Latest Bracketology Release Both Surprising and Predictable

The latest Bracketology results have been released from SB Nation and there are both some surprises and some predictable results for local college basketball fans. Missouri and Kansas are in likely positions given the momentum in both directions, while Kansas State sits a bit low -- at least for some (read: me).

In the Southeast region, the Missouri Tigers square off against a dangerous Utah State squad in a pesky 8/9 battle that are always difficult to predict, with the winner of that game facing Notre Dame (most likely) as a significant round two opponent. The Tigers lost four of their last five and might not have the energy or momentum to overtake a squad like Utah State, who have won six in a row heading into tonight's conference game. One of those wins came against No. 23 St. Mary's.

On a promising note, Kansas carries a No. 1 seed as predicted and pairs off against UNC-Asheville in the proposed first round match-up. The second round isn't that much more difficult given the presence of George Mason and Marquette. In fact, it might just be the weakest pairing of the 8/9 seeds of any region, giving Kansas a fairly easy path to the Sweet Sixteen. Then again, it's March Madness so anything is possible.

Within the same region (Southwest), Kansas State is listed surprisingly as a No. 6 seed. Given the recent momentum and wins against ranked teams like Kansas and Texas late in the season, it's a bit surprising K-State isn't a No. 5 seed. Then again, a loss to Colorado is reason enough for the doubters to re-emerge, even if it's a bit premature. Frank Martin's team is very dangerous and poses a real threat for not only Villanova, the proposed first round opponent, but Purdue as well in the second round.