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March Madness 2011: Missouri Basketball Will Face Cincinnati As 11th Seed

The Missouri Tigers plummeted at the end of the season losing four of their final five games and it cost them in the 2011 NCAA tournament as Mizzou is an 11 seed. They're in the West bracket and will play sixth seed Cincinnati to kick things off.

Here's the full 2011 NCAA bracket.

Duke is the top seed playing 16 seed Hampton while 2 seed San Diego State will play Northern Colorado. The third seed is UConn playing Bucknell and the fourth seed is Texas playing Oakland. Arizona, the fifth seed, will play Memphis, and Temple, the seventh seed, will play Penn State. Michigan and Tennessee are the 8-9 matchup.

So if Missouri wins round one, they'll play the winner of UConn vs. Bucknell. Presumably, UConn will win that one -- Bucknell has never upset anyone in the NCAA tourney, right? -- which means Mizzou could see Kemba Walker, one of the top players in the country.

Mizzou really fell off in the last week of the season as many people were predicting an eight seed for them. I'd like to see them higher but it's hard to argue against it considering their recent fall as well as their problems on the road.

Mizzou will likely be 'dogs against Cincinnati though I haven't seen any odds on the game.

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