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2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Kansas State Gets 5th Seed, Will Play Utah State

The Kansas State Wildcats spent much of the 2010-11 college basketball season on the bubble as they struggled right out of the game in Big 12 conference play. They went on a roll to end the season and were able to confirm themselves a spot in the NCAA tournament.

The selection Sunday show for March Madness was just released and we've got the full printable NCAA bracket at

Kansas State is a fifth seed in the Southeast region and will play Utah State in the first round. That's not a bad matchup for KSU but, then again, we never really know which KSU team will show up.

Pittsburgh is the top seed in the Southeast region while Florida snags the second seed, BYU and Jimmer Fredette get the third seed and Wisconsin gets the fourth seed. If Kansas State beats Utah State in round one, they will be setting themselves up with the winner of Wisconsin vs. Belmont, which will be Wisconsin barring an upset (those never happen in the NCAA tourney, right?).

This isn't bad for K-State who was on the bubble a few weeks ago. With the way KSU has been playing lately, I wouldn't want to be playing them in the tournament. 

Their road to the sweet 16 is Utah State and then the winner of Wisconsin and Belmont.

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