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Former Kansas AD Lew Perkins Turns To Coaching

I went to the Kansas-Colorado game at the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City last week and at one point the "Kiss Cam" was going around and it landed on Lew Perkins and his wife. The crowd applauded and screamed "Lew!" as he sat in his seats midway up the lower level of the Sprint Center.

After I saw him I wondered what he was doing these days. The answer of his future came today from the Lawrence Journal-World. 

He'll be coaching next season.

Indeed, Perkins is getting back into coaching but it's not the type of coaching you'd expect. He will be the assistant girls basketball coach at a 1A high school in west Lawrence called Seabury Academy, the school's AD Eric Nelson confirmed to the Lawrence Journal World.

"When the opportunity came to accept Lew as an assistant for my girls program, it was a very easy decision for me," Seabury athletic director Eric Nelson said. "He's seen some good basketball, and he can help us get better."

I've got a feeling Seabury Academy will receive more media attention this year than they ever have.