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NCAA Bracket 2011 Prediction: Ohio State, Kansas, Duke Or Pittsburgh?

The full 2011 NCAA bracket is out and we've had a little time to analyze the brackets and it's prediction time. Specifically, I wanted to predict which No. 1 seeds go the furthest in the tournament. Your No. 1 seeds are Ohio State, Kansas, Duke and Pittsburgh.

Ohio State: They don't have an easy run to the Final Four but I think they're locked in to going at this point. Unless George Mason reverts back to their Final Four team, they'll make it to the Sweet 16 relatively easily before possible seeing a team like Kentucky (who they could beat up on). North Carolina and Syracuse are the second and third seeds in this bracket. My prediction is that Ohio State gets to the Final Four, wins a game and advances to the championship game.

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Kansas: My first two predictions are going to be somewhat boring because I have them both in the championship game. I think OSU and KU are that far ahead of everyone else. Anyway, the second seed in KU's bracket is Notre Dame, which is a dangerous opponent. Other potential problem games in this bracket include Purdue and Louisville. KU should make it through this bracket and into the championship game. (For the record, I have them beating OSU in the championship game)

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Duke: My disclaimer is that I haven't watched the Dukies as much as other teams like OSU and KU but I don't think Duke goes nearly as far. This is a decent bracket with teams like San Diego State, UConn, Texas and, locally, Missouri. My prediction is that Duke is gone by the Elite Eight.

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Pittsburgh: This bracket includes Florida and BYU but they're on the other side so PIttsburgh avoids a Jimmer attack. What does concern me here is a potential Sweet 16 matchup with Kansas State in the Sweet 16. I'd be very, very tempted to say KSU would win that game. In fact, I will, and predict that Pittsburgh is out after two rounds.

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