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Down Goes Kansas: Jayhawks Fall To VCU In Elite Eight

Wow. Just wow.

The Kansas Jayhawks, arguably the top team in the country and the top team remaining in the 2011 NCAA tournament, dropped the ball against VCU. KU basketball was stunned by VCU on Sunday, 71-61. Kansas was knocked out of the tournament and VCU moved onto the Elite Eight.

VCU was simply on fire in the first half hitting seemingly everything. They were three-point specialists and Kansas was just never able to keep up in the first half. It was more about VCU and less about Kansas. The Jayhawks weren't playing their best ball but it's not like they were playing terrible either -- it was just that VCU was shooting lights out.

I said to myself in the first half that, even with the huge deficit, KU would be OK because VCU can't shoot like this all game. That was partly true a the second half opened and Kansas went on a nice run after VCU cooled down a little bit. KU got to within two points but could never quite take the lead down the stretch.

Jamie Skeen had 26 points for VCU while Marcus Morris lead KU with 20 points and 16 boards. 

KU's game plan was obviously to slow things down and pound it into the Morris twins. It worked on the first three possessions with a lob to the Morris twins but VCU picked it up quickly and shut that down. The Morris twins ended with a combined 32 points and 28 boards so they had solid games but no one else could help them out it seemed. Tyrel Reed, Josh Selby and Brady Morningstar, the guys that you need sitting at the three-point line, were a combined 1-of-13 from beyond the arc. 

Disappointing day for for KU fans and for the seniors, Reed, Morningstar and Mario Little.

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