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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Noah Vonleh Receives KU Offer

Proving the reason why Kansas continues it's dominant streak in the Big 12, Bill Self and his staff are already hard at work on the recruiting trail for the seasons to come. Enter Noah Vonleh, a tremendous talent who won't even be available until 2013. Self recently sent his staff to Georgetown, Massachusetts to check out the currently 6'7" sophomore.

Vonleh has already attracted some high-profile attention so there will be stiff competition for a player who can play all five positions on the floor while averaging 18 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists per game. Programs closer to home like Boston College and Pittsburgh have also offered future scholarships, and Syracuse has also visited in person. Other programs like North Carolina and Kentucky are in play, albeit a bit more passively. It's still a long road ahead to secure Vonleh's services, but Self is developing the foundation to do so.