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KU Basketball Recruiting: 6'8" Braeden Anderson Gives Bill Self Oral Commitment

Last week the Morris twins signed with an agent and declared for the NBA leaving a gaping hole in the front court for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. Sure, Thomas Robinson is returning but KU needs to beef up their front court for the future.

Enter Braeden Anderson.

The 6'8" big man out of Canada gave an oral commitment to Kansas assistant Joe Dooley on Saturday and then called head coach Bill Self on Sunday morning and told him the news -- he's coming to Kansas.

Anderson is a big man who didn't touch a basketball until eighth grade so many say his best basketball is yet to come. He weights 215 pounds so he probably can fill out a little but, then again, we said the same about Marcus and Markieff Morris in their first year. Those two developed incredibly well under the guidance of Danny Manning so KU fans are hoping the same happens under Anderson.

Kentucky and Arizona were among the other schools pursuing him. Via LJ World:

"KU hit me first and the hardest," Anderson said Sunday in a phone conversation. "They did things the right way. I have respect for them for that. They've always been there, and they hung around the whole time It's hard to say no to John Calipari and the (Kentucky) Wildcats," he added. "Derrick Williams ... he tells me to go to Arizona. It's tough to say no to Arizona, but this is something I want to do. It's a gut feeling I have."

Kansas is on their way to replacing the Morris twins, which won't be an easy task.

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