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Blaine Gabbert Experiencing Lack Of NFL Draft Buzz

It seems an odd scenario, to say the least, that a possible top five NFL Draft choice could be called "under-the-radar." It's another level altogether when that prospect is a quarterback. Yet that's exactly what writer Steve Wyche says about Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.


In the midst of the constant buzz and rumors circling around a draft that is somehow still over a week away, it's nice to see an article provide a different take on such a high-profile player. As Wyche notes, it's the quarterback talk every year that has the draft world abuzz. That's no surprise when discussing Cam Newton, but Gabbert is neck-in-neck with the Auburn product on most mock drafts, and yet there's no real drama surrounding the choice.


It's impossible to discern between noise and silence at this point before the draft, but Wyche is right for bringing it up and noticing the lack of buzz surrounding Gabbert at this stage of the game.