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2011 NFL Draft: Second Day Holds Surprises In Store

After a first day that provided the first fresh NFL news and action in months, the second day should prove to be just as entertaining for fans longing for more draft intrigue, trade news and surprise moves. Round one featured several trades despite labor issues that precluded any actual players from being involved, and the second round could feature much of the same.

The Patriots lead things off in just a few minutes and hold the keys to the opening round today with three overall choices. The Chiefs have only one choice, but knowing Pioli, he could move further draft assets if he has a vision for a specific player. Da'Quan Bowers must find a home, as will several high profile quarterbacks left on the board, including Ryan Mallett and Andy Dalton.

Stay tuned here as we cover the picks that are most interesting and will also cover any Chiefs related news.