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Do Kansas State Basketball Fans Need To Worry About Frank Martin, Miami Job Opening?

Should Kansas State basketball fans be a little worried right now? The Missouri Tigers hired Frank Haith from Miami which means the Hurricanes job is now open. There have been some folks wondering if K-State coach Frank Martin might be interested in the Miami job.

There are reasons to consider the job. He's from the area, which is the biggest reason you'll hear his name connected to the Miami coaching search. He's had some success in the area as well and K-State has several Florida area recruits coming in. His two best players, Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, are leaving and there's no one major recruit that would seemingly make him stay.

There are, however, several reasons not to consider the job. He has a good thing going at Kansas State right now with the fan support and the program on the rise. He has a contract with Kansas State through 2015 that pays him over $1.5 million per year. He has talked often about loyalty, which he has in Manhattan. Miami also doesn't currently have an AD so it's hard to conduct a coaching search without knowing the boss.

It'll be interesting to see if Miami pursues Martin. When you're successful, other people want you. It's part of the job. As Mizzou learned, it's always tough to stay away from an opportunity that sends you back to your roots. We'll see how Martin handles it if Miami comes calling.

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