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NFL Rumor Mill: Is Denver QB Kyle Orton Heading to Washington For DT Albert Haynesworth?

It's only a rumor folks, and we certainly don't want to get carried away with any possible player transactions when the lockout has just been reinstated. Yet it's hard not to at least comment on the rumors swirling that Denver quarterback Kyle Orton might have a new home with the Washington Redskins. It's a move that, on the surface, makes some sense and explains why the respective teams drafted the way that they did.

You might have noticed that the Redskins traded out of the No. 10 overall spot where Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert was available for the taking -- going in that same pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars -- to land at No. 16. In the process of taking Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan, they passed up not only Gabbert but Florida State's Christian Ponder as well. With two second round choices, the Skins continued to ignore quarterback while others teams maneuvered and selected Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick and the rest. Even as they picked up 12 total choices, they didn't select a single QB.

That's telling considering how nasty the Donovan McNabb situation turned. That also shows that Washington had a direction they were already headed, and despite any rules that should preclude teams from discussing trades, something is clearly in place. If a rookie isn't going to satisfy, then a veteran must be on the move. Considering that the Eagles would most likely not trade Kolb to a division rival, Orton is a safe assumption.

On the Denver side, major help is needed along a defensive line that's being remade in John Fox's image. While the dominant pass rusher was addressed in the draft, thanks to No. 2 overall selection Von Miller, more help is needed in the form of a anchor defensive tackle. Haynesworth is damaged goods at best, but the talent is obvious. In this case, it's also about two teams swapping players who simply have no place or use for them in the current directions they are going.