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Mark Mangino Speaks For The First Time On His Departure From Kansas

Mark Mangino spoke with his hometown source the New Castle News with regards to his time at Kansas and the somewhat sudden departure. The interview marks the first time that Mangino has talked with any outlet on regarding his thoughts, how the process affected him and his family and even his desire to get back into football in the future.

Generally speaking Mangino continues to take the high road with regards to his time at Kansas and the events surrounding the departure. While it’s noted that part of his agreement with the University prohibits him from getting into specifics, Mangino appears more comfortable avoiding the negativity that surrounds that time.

When I look back on my time at Kansas, I want to remember the positive, not dwell on the negative. I’m very proud of my time there.

In the end the departure of Mangino was probably necessary given the allegations surrounding the program. While the article doesn’t necessarily shed any profound light on how everything unfolded it does provide Mangino’s perspective and that’s something that has been missing since 2009.