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When Will Casey Wiegmann’s Decision Become A Distraction For Rodney Hudson And The Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs took Rodney Hudson, a center from Florida State University with their second-round pick this year. It had been reported prior to the draft that Casey Wiegmann, the Chiefs current starting center, was 50/50 on whether or not he was going to come back for the 2011 season. At 38 years old there were definitely times during this past season that you could tell Wiegmann wasn't the same player who made the Pro Bowl in 2009.

So heading into this past draft the interior line was definitely something that needed to be addressed. The Hudson pick was not necessarily made because Wiegmann is or isn't coming back next season though. The pick made sense either way. It was still a position that at worst needed an immediate starter, and at best just needed some youthful depth.

When Hudson fell to pick #55 overall in the second round it combined the two factors that general managers use to weigh the different players that are available, need and best player available. Hudson fit both of those criteria and was the perfect choice for the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's very possible that the Chiefs already know what Casey Wiegmann plans on doing next season. It wouldn't be the first time that the Chiefs organization played things a little close to the vest. But if they don't have his decision yet it could begin to become a distraction for the team the closer we get to the end of the lockout. NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth predicts that the regular season will begin in November. If this is the case then it's best for the Chiefs if Wiegmann decides to come back because he won't have the same learning curve to go through in the shortened off-season as Hudson would. Hudson needs reps and practice, this lockout gives him neither.

There is something to be said for players just getting thrown into the fire and starting right away. But it always depends on the situation of that particular player. This is a perfect situation for Hudson to sit behind Wiegmann for a little while, whether or not that is a single game, half the season, or the entire season, it doesn't matter. Hudson would be able to watch and learn from a true professional and how he goes about his business. That kind of knowledge isn't something that can be taught from the coaches, but it's best for the development of Hudson if he gets this opportunity.

The longer the Chiefs go without a decision from Wiegmann, the less-time Hudson has to prepare to start week one against the Buffalo Bills.