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Denver Broncos Cornerback Perrish Cox Pleads Not Guilty To Sexual Assault Charges

A cloud continues to hang over the Denver Broncos as talented but troubled cornerback Perrish Cox's legal issues unfold in the courtroom. In the latest courtroom step, Cox entered an official "Not Guilty" plea to two sexual assault charges he faces from last September. Specifically, the charges are concerned with the victim being determined as physically helpless to the attack as well as being incapable of determining the nature of the conduct.

The maximum penalty facing Cox is life in prison, although Cox is still working out and hoping to break ranks with the Broncos whenever the lockout lifts. It's an interesting assumption given Broncos' owner Pat Bowlen's statement this off-season concerning team conduct and character:

You deserve more from this franchise than what we saw in 2010, and you have my word that I will restore the culture of winning, trust and integrity within the Broncos. There is a Bronco Way that exists, and it entails success on the field, honoring tradition and maintaining the highest level of character.

Bowlen's words come in response to a tumultuous and dramatic last year for the Broncos that saw everything from a combative head coach in Josh McDaniels to a second DUI for linebacker D.J. Williams. Other players have also faced charges, including Elvis Dumervil and Laurence Maroney. When you combine this with the tremendous microscope that comes with Tebowmania and you have quite the circus in Denver these last several months.