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Royals Pitcher Vin Mazzaro Turns In 'Worst Pitching Performance Ever'

Last night’s abysmal loss for the Kansas City Royals wasn’t just bad for the entire team. It was demoralizing to one player in particular. As Joe Posnanski writes, Mazzaro’s allowance of 14 earned runs in less than three innings of work to the Cleveland Indians makes it the single worst pitching performance ever.


Coming in to relieve Nathan Adcock, Mazzaro allowed 10 runs in the fourth inning and four more in the fifth, and by the end of day found himself optioned back to AAA Omaha. Here’s hoping he gets both his mechanics and his frame of mind worked out. Perhaps manager Ned Yost needs some consultation as well for leaving a pitcher out there so long. Either way, the Royals still have a lot of work ahead.